Three billy goats cross a bridge to get to greener pastures

There is an old tale called Three Billy Goats Gruff, about three goats that cross a hungry troll’s bridge so they can eat the grass on the other side. The bottles and package were intended to be sold as a special edition set for an audience with a sophisticated taste and an interest in small batch alcohols. The limited-edition aspect created an opportunity to do something slightly less practical and more unique to show the rarity and craftsmanship of the product.

The concept was inspired by three peaceful goats that were just trying to find some grass to get them fat, when a troll threatened to eat them. Each bottle of whiskey was meant to represent a different goat. In both the fable and the design, the goats seemed to be relatively alike but in reality, they were all slightly different. 

The tan, crème, and brown color palette embraced the elegance of fables, tales, and story books. The light backgrounds with a delicate frame was a nod to the faded pages of aged story books. The timeless and elegant color palette used throughout the text and ornamentation on the label was also included in the illustrations, with some additions of green and pinks, adding life and color to the goats.

The front and back label were printed on a thin white paper with a subtle tooth and texture to it. The small label on each bottle was printed on a slightly sturdier crème colored paper to add some contrast while bringing out the golden color of the whiskey. The variation in paper made the main label stand out with a more vintage, storybook feel to it. To create the outer package, a thick piece of plywood was laser cut a with a lock and grove design to create stability when linking the sides together. As a finishing touch, white melted wax was used to seal off the bottle and bring out the white the label and drawing attention to the contrast between the cremes, whites, and gold colors of the labels, illustrations, and the whiskey.