The 27 Club is a name given to a group of famous musicians who have passed away at the young age of 27. Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, and Jimi Hendrix are some of history’s greatest musicians who are also unfortunately a part of the 27 club. These artists in particular represent large groups of rock fans that strongly and passionately resonated with their messages. Jim, Janis, and Jimi were not only extremely talented musicians, but also visionaries, and their personal views and characteristics continue to influence the public.

The 27 Club Tea pays respect to the three artists giving them each a can that serves as a small tribute to their legacy. While a part of the same club, these three artists were still quite different, each design embraces their personal characteristics and iconic looks. The badge on the front of the can is an illustration of the artist with a border featuring small references to the musician’s life.  Janis Joplin is shown how she is often seen in photographs, with her big hair, many accessories, and a smile that’s expressed throughout her entire face. The heart on the bottom of the frame is a call to a necklace Janis was often seen wearing and the common theme of love throughout her songs. The Jimi Hendrix illustration features his signature headband and many scarves. The Jim Morrison badge embodies the striking and stern expression that was often seen on his face, accompanied by his big curls and strong cheek bones. Jim Morrison’s border contains a small lizard as a reference to his famous nickname, the Lizard King.
When rotated, the design reveals a black and white photo that stretches across the height of the can, leaving a small area for a bio about the musician. The fan bases for each of these musicians consists of a large variety of people they mean different things to each individual so it’s important to represent different perspectives of these legends to keep interpretation open to their many fans.

The true magnetism of each of these musicians has attracted many but the fact that they all died at the alarmingly young age of 27 is a true loss for their families, friends, fans, and the public as a whole. The color palette represents the somber, serious nature of the 27 Club while the typefaces and illustrations show the unique personality and character behind each of the musicians and their work.