A dice game for unique characters of any kind. 

This project was intended to be a rebrand of an old toy for an upscale market or as a series of collectibles. Each set of four dice were packaged in their own container. While all five containers were identical structurally, they each had their own character and design.

The game Liar’s Dice was played by pirates, conquistadors, and many more, yet nobody has truly figured out where exactly the game came from. The concept was inspired by the combination of various origins to show the variety of characters who played this game in the past. The juxtaposition of all the different players of the game and different kinds of birds, added more character and personality to the funky names of dice rolls, encouraging the viewer to embrace the unknown aspects of Liar’s Dice history and reimagine it in their own way with the package characters. 

The designs were created by juxtaposing people and birds; more particularly, vintage illustrations of people in ornate outfits, with their head replaced with a birds’ neck and head. The colors were representative of variety as well. The colorful palette was a nod to the colorful birds in the design and the colorful personalities imagined for each characters or players throughout history. The mixture of typefaces and width of letter forms reinstituted the aspect of variety and character. 

The structure of the tubes that held the dice became two cups that could be used to play the game. After the players have used the package to play the game, or have found other cups, the lid had a die cut circle on the side to transform it into a bird feeder. The package came with string to hang the bird feeder and a small packet of bird seed as well. The ability to make the lid into a bird feeder was meant to create a more interactive package while encouraging the user to observe all the different beautiful birds and characters out there.