Surround yourself with Portland’s Funk
and Oregon’s Beauty

Zola condos is a living space for all kinds of people who appreciate Portland’s upbeat personality and Oregon’s beautiful natural wonders. The system consists of a folder, brochure, business card, two floor plans, and a take-away item for potential residents. The beginning of the brochure highlights the features the condo has to offer all residents, like the dog washing station and the rooftop bar, and is followed by the benefits of Zola’s location to beautiful natural landmarks in Oregon. The following spreads give information about the technical features in each condo. While keeping the brochure informational, it also gives the reader a taste of the community that lives in Zola, and how, much like Portland Oregon, it is a friendly and welcoming place to live.  
The Zola condos identity and brand were inspired by Portland, Oregon. Portland is a funky city with a lively culture while a variety of Oregon’s beautiful natural environments are close by as well. The variety of materials, life, and elements that make nature so comforting served as the inspiration for the design and illustrations. While focusing on the actual elements of nature and the condos, the design also reflects the various elements of nature that come into play with the lifestyle of someone living in the Zola condos. An array of colors reinstates the concept and represent all the different types of terrain, wildlife, and character that Oregon is known for. The assortment of different colors on completely different sides of the color wheel are not only bold and complimentary but they show the variety of color throughout Oregon and the mixture of elements and personalities that can be found in the city and in nature.

The planter was made to serve as a take-away item for a new resident. The circle in the middle reflects the reoccurring circles in the Zola identity. The plant encourages the new resident to check out the condo’s community garden and reminds them of the nature that makes Oregon so beautiful. The planter was made out of concrete with a glass vase placed in the middle to hold a flower or bud. The inside of the circle was painted a sky blue used throughout the deliverables.